Campaign News

Where are we now?

We began in 2009 as the locally focussed "North Staffs Orthotics Campaign". In 2013 we realised that the same issues we faced in North Staffs, were affecting many more all across England.

We therefore evolved into the "Orthotics Campaign" and began a national fight for better Orthotic care. Since then, with the help of Healthwatch Staffordshire and Healthwatch England we have succeeded in gaining the attention of NHS England.

Their Director of Patient Experience, Neil Churchill has investigated the issues and along with Suzanne Rastrick (Allied Health Professionals Lead for NHS England) is about to publish a report into “Improving the Quality of Orthotic Care in England”. You can read more about NHS England's Response to the campaign.

Rebecca Loo, the Orthotics Campaign lead says:

“This report and the actions arising from it are the culmination of 6 years of local and national campaigning. By sharing their personal stories of slow and uncoordinated care, patients and their carers have been able to express how crucial orthotic care is to the quality of their lives and overall well-being. Timely and quality orthotic care enables people to be as mobile as they can, avoid unnecessary deformities, manage pain and to lead the fullest lives possible. Sadly, at present, many have to endure unreasonable waits to get their orthotic needs met"

It is now hoped that the many Clinical Commissioning Groups all over England will take up the recommendations in the report.