Here are some links to documents that help justify and support our campaign.

Title: The Place of Prosthetics and Orthotics in the NHS
Source: British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists - Ian Eaves
Summary: Slide show presentation of issues affecting Orthotic provision. He states that Orthotic services are "Poorly managed, underfunded" and that "new service models are required"

Title: Fully Equipped (2000)
Source: Audit Commission
Summary: A report focusing on the equipment needs of older people that states about Orthotic services for the elderly "Serious shortcomings remain in many parts of the country in the quality of the services received."

Title: Fully Equipped (2002)
Source: Audit Commission
Summary: Follow up report to the 2000 report. It cites " poor facilities and cramped working conditions, especially in the orthotics and audiology services." It also make several recommendations for the improvement of Orthotics services.

Title: Scottish Orthotics Services Review (2005)
Source: NHS Scotland
Summary:A comprehensive study of Orthotic services in Scotland which, we understand, had a huge positive impact on service delivery there. We would like to see an English Orthotics Services Review now.

Title: Guidance on the Commissioning of Orthotics Services for older people (2004)
Source: Audit Commission

Title: Whole Systems Rapid Improvement for Stockport Orthotic Services (2007)
Source: Tricordant

Title: Orthotic Pathfinder(2004)

Title: Orthotic Service in the NHS: Improving Service Provision (2009)
Source: British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists

Title: Recent developments in Healthcare for cerebral palsy: implications and opportunities for Orthotics
Source: International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics

Title: National Service Framework for Children (2004)
Source: Department of Health
Summary: Sets out five main standards including: Standard 1: " The health and well-being of all children and young people is promoted and delivered through a co-ordinated programme of action, including prevention and early intervention " and Standard 3: "Children and young people and families receive high quality services which are coordinated around their individual and family needs and take account of their views. "

Title: Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS (2010)
Source: NHS White Paper - Department of Health
Summary: It sets out how the NHS "will put patients at the heart of everything the NHS does."

Title: From Surgical Appliances To Orthotics - Towards an Effective Service - (1999)
Source: British Society for Rehabilitative Medicine

Title: Orthotics Treated as a Cinderella Service (2009)
Source: British Healthcare Trades Association

Title: Patient Led Orthotic Charter (2010)
Source: The Limbless Association - Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group

Title: The Orthotics Service: a guide for you and your relatives
Source: Penine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Summary: An excellent patient leaflet. The Campaign would like more patient materials for users in North Staffs.

Title: Orthotics Department Leaflets from the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital
Source: Royal Orthopaedic Hospital:
Summary: Links to several leaflets that help users understand what to expect from their Orthotics Service. (scroll down for Orthotics section)

Title: Handbook to the NHS Consitution
Source: NHS
Summary: Set out a variety of patient rights including "the right to expect NHS organisations to monitor, and make efforts to improve, the quality of healthcare they commission or provide.”