The Issues

What are the issues?

Here are some of the difficulties people reported as we entered our campaign.

  • An unacceptably long wait to be seen by an Orthotist
  • The service refusing to assess and measure for new devices until the present device is fully outgrown
  • Having to wait so long for footwear and devices that by the time they arrive they have been outgrown
  • Knowing that a device is ready, but the patient can not have it for weeks because an Orthotist is not available to fit it
  • Not being able to obtain boots or shoes to fit over devices and the Orthotics service refusing to provide them

Now the new provider and contract are in place we hope these will resolve. What is your experience? Tell us by emailing

We also recognise that some of you will have had good experiences of the Orthotics Service in North Staffordshire. Let us know about these too!